Less salary: how the next morning not to be left without wheels?

Non-standard key fasteners are designed to protect the car from theft of wheels. How to choose the right best wheel locks? And will there be any sense in him? In our examination, eight different types of locks (bolts and nuts) for any wallet. More expensive is better? Check it out!

We naively thought that the times when “parked” cars were “undressed” were forever in the past. But no, the story repeats itself. Only rates have increased: it is not the wipers who remove them, but the headlights and wheels. And if not everything is simple with headlights, then wheeled secrets can save the “shoe”. At least thieves will definitely add fuss. And there is a chance that they will go looking for prey easier.

Let’s figure out which of the “secret” fasteners sold on the market will do their job better than others.


When buying a set of secrets it is better to take the one in which a pair of keys. You can keep one at home or in the garage, and carry the second with you. It is highly advisable not to keep it in sight. There are cases when the wheel captors first broke glass in the hope that the key lies in the glove box. Do not store the key near the spray can: this is the second place where thieves look. Sometimes they just pierce one of the wheels and watch from the side where the angry owner will climb to get the key and put in the spare wheel.

Simpler or more cunning?

When choosing wheeled locks, many are wondering: what if the key is lost ? Maybe buy something the simplest, amenable to a conventional screwdriver? But it’s like locking a door and hanging a key on a clove next to it! Secret fasteners should resist hacking attempts as much as possible - this is his main task. And the owner does not need to scatter keys anywhere.

Secret bolts. Model I-1 (SL)

Mass of one bolt 90 g

The keys are equipped with plastic guide bushings for ease of use. But in general, the set of delight did not cause. The sprocket-shaped code element easily succumbed to a powerful slotted screwdriver.

Starleks wheel locks

Mass of one bolt 81 g

The set did not like. The sleeve is very flimsy, immediately split. Then we stuff the head from above - alas, they opened it. And on the steel disk, the pipe wrench helped to cope with the secret.

Wheel Secret Matrix

The mass of one bolt 68 g

The cheapest products in our sample will surrender to the thief with almost no resistance. The simplest pentahedron without a protective sleeve was opened by stuffing a standard head on top.

The toughest cars that could drive 500,000 km

Here are hardy cars in the Russian market.

Each of us dreams that his car will serve as long as possible. But the question is: which car has a large supply of resources? After all, it has long been known that not all cars are the same. There are less reliable ones, but there are also better ones. Unfortunately, it is not possible to unequivocally answer the question of which car is reliable. Much here, of course, depends on how the owner relates to the car.

Nevertheless, one can judge the quality and reliability of a car by the used car market . To do this, just study the proposals for the sale of a car with high mileage. It is logical to assume that since the car has traveled a large mileage, then most likely it has a good margin of safety, quality and reliability.

We decided to study the market for used cars in Russia by selecting cars with mileage of more than 500 thousand km for you. We think that this is a good indicator of car endurance. Especially in Russian harsh conditions. So let’s go. Here is our TOP mileage cars.

By the way, before making a selection, we thought that we would not find a lot of cars with high mileage, since car owners in Russia often prefer to mileage on the odometer before selling their old iron horses . What was our surprise when we found on automobile bulletin boards more than 250 ads for the sale of used cars with mileage of 500,000 + km .

So let’s go.

2007 Ford Focus

Mileage: 512,000 km

If you believe this announcement, then this Ford Focus drove 512 thousand kilometers. Judging by the fact that the author of the announcement indicated that the car has a license for taxi transportation until 2021, we have a taxi in front of us. Although its color betrays it this way.

1999 Nissan Patrol

Mileage: 500,000 km

Why did they get that cars used to be worse? Here’s an example of the endurance of a Japanese SUV . We found an ad for the sale of 490,000 rubles Nissan Patrol 1999 release with mileage of 500 thousand km. For a 2.8-liter 130-horsepower engine, this is a very good indicator. Especially if most of the run is wound in Russia. You know what kind of fuel we have.